Our partners :


   Of course, our strength lies in the quality of human resources available, which are characterized by
diversity and complementarity through the mobilization of all our skills to achieve our goals with the
help of our partners.

This wealth of expertise comes from several partners whose have the same concern as ours and They are:

-The Secretariat of State of the Craft.
- The Department of Employment and Vocational Training.
- The Office of Vocational Training and Work Promotion.
- The National Agency for Promotion of Employment and Skills.
-The Regional Council of Tourism.
- The Regional Investment Center.
- Fez-Boulemane Chamber of Crafts
- the Prefectural Council
- the council of the region of Fez-Boulemane
- the common of Fez
- the common OF Mechour-Fez Jdid

Nos partenaires




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