Training in our center has two modes of training :

Apprenticeship training and continuing education 

Apprenticeship training :

   Apprenticeship training, established and organized by the law 12.00, is a method of training
based on practical training in the workshop at least 80% or more of its overall length and
supplemented by at least 10% of the time by a general education and technology training.


   Registration is open each year to persons meeting two criteria, the level of the sixth year of
basic education, and age between 15 and 30 years old.

   The length of apprenticeship varies from 1 to 3 years, according to the trades and skills
under the apprenticeship.

   The device offers young apprentices learning pathways that lead to qualification within 25
skilled crafts and allow them to diplomas and certificates.


     Continuing education:

   The training aims to develop the skills of artisans and strengthen Skills of human resources
companies, to improve their productivity and Competitiveness.

   In this context the center conducts training activities meet the needs of artisans in technical
training related to the exercise of their professional activities, and raising awareness about the
quality, design, innovation, modern management techniques, and marketing their products.

   Also, it encourages SMEs to enhance the skills of their employees by providing a proactive
support in their efforts to design and conduct their training plans.

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