The sale and animation:


   To achieve our strategic objectives, promoting our crafts is one of the fundamental pillars
for our success; for that, we have, E-business Web Site, and two showrooms dedicated
specifically to the display and sale of the products of training workshops, and they are open to
the public wishing to make purchases.

    Our advantages that position us in the market are: reasonable prices, fixed and displayed,
the quality and variety of crafts, quality home, quiet and safe, and consulting.

   Furthermore, the handicrafts of furniture, accessories, and decorations, we have a great
capacity to satisfy demand of large accounts (hotels, guest houses, Riads ...) regarding the
provision of the hand of work and expertise of the trades related to construction including
Zellige, plaster, painted wood, wood carving, tapestry, traditional brassware, and wrought iron.

   Also, we have an area dedicated to the animation fairs on handicrafts, those cooperatives
and associations of crafts of the region.

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