Our Goals:


- Qualification of men and women in this sector, and participation in consolidation of the        

   crafts as an axis of economic and social development.

- Modernize an industry that has to fight constantly against the archaic stereotypes.

- The preservation of craft trades threatened with extinction.

- Strengthening the role of crafts as a source of job’s creation and added value.

- Make availability for craftsmen and apprentices of all means to complete their projects and  

   see them succeed.

- The promotion of products manufactured in the center which aims to achieve in long-term

   a self-financing.

- Provide young people with professional qualifications appropriate to the reality socio-

  economic of the craft sector mainly through the method of apprenticeship training.

- Organize training sessions for the benefit of artisans and master craftsmen in management

   techniques, health and safety, and  introduction to new technologies and quality standards  

   for better adaptation of products to target markets,.
- Inform and assist young winners at their integration into the world of work.

- Encourage and assist owners of projects in the process of business creation.

- Encourage creativity and excellence among young people.

- Organize and present exhibitions of all crafts.

Nos partenaires




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