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  Training center of Handicraft in Fes, a vector of high-impact development:

Training center and qualification in craft trades, inaugurated on Sunday by King Mohammed VI on
the occasion of the launch of the 12th National Solidarity Campaign, is part of the continuity of
development projects economic sectors social impact involved at national level by the Mohammed V
Foundation for Solidarity.

Conducted in accordance with guidelines of HM King with a budget of 36 million of dirhams, this
vocation to socio-professional conducts a specific design to involve local public and private entities,
associative fabric and crafts holders’ know-how.

The aim is to promote better synergy between production workshops, training structures, spaces and
promotion assistance centers for individual projects and socio-professional integration.

Built on a covered area of ​5150 m2, the new center is created in Fez, Imperial City, which is
characterized by the vitality of its crafts with high employment potential. It aims to provide young
people with a professional qualification appropriate to the socio-economic reality of the craft sector,
mainly through the apprenticeship mode.

Its work will focus also on the organization of training sessions for the benefit of artisans and
craftsmen management (initiation marketing techniques, new technologies, quality standards, health
and safety) as well as information and assistance to young graduates for their entry into the world of


Training center and qualification in Handicraft ensure the encouragement and support of project
during the process of business creation, product promotion of apprentices and artisans, valuing
creativity, excellence and preservation Handicraft endangered.

It includes learning spaces (classrooms, lab rooms, a library and a media library) product promotion
(two showrooms and sales space and home care clients) , training by production (25 workshops).
There is also a space dedicated to the integration and the creation of business houses offices for the
Promotion of Employment (Moukawalati, ANAPEC Microfinance) and an entertainment area.

The project was designed to create harmonious spaces by trades (Type Najjarine, Saffarine) to
achieve an architectural project promoting interactivity between the training center and the various
components of the complex and to better manage problems electricity and water supply, hygiene
and sanitation.

Showing the stamp craft at the building design, project components relate one to another, so as to
make a lively training, but also attractive and compelling for local residents and tourists visiting the
city of Fez.

This approach also serves to promote a complex accessible and integrated into an excellence tour.
The training programs offered are designed to meet the main goal of the center, to ensure that
apprentices complete training involving both theoretical and practical modules and a basic
professional learning workshop.


These programs include apprenticeship training, supported by the Department of crafts, basic
training provided by the OFPPT and possibly specific programs taught by industry professionals.
In consideration of the center's main mission focused on training, management association was
founded and chaired by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity during startup.

The association consists of all actors for the achievement of the center's main mission is to ensure
the establishment of an action plan that will be given training to OFPPT and the Department of craft
Training center and qualification in craft trades thus confirms the orientation of the Foundation's
youth inclusion through training service for an innovative approach to promote professional social


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  Fez: training and qualification for crafts skilled is a sector for sustainability

Posted on: 31/12/09
The craft sector in Fez was marked during the ending years with the completion of major projects in
the field of training and qualification of human resources, which have opened up new prospects for
the development and sustainability.

As part of this action to the modernization and diversification of delivery methods and learning
trades, has been carried out last November in the inauguration of the training and qualifications in
the craft industry, made by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

Innovative design, this center has come to strengthen the network of units dedicated to vocational
training: the training center learning in Marja district (3.564 MDH), the Institute of Traditional Arts
Fes (8 MDH), the center of Training by learning in Ain-Kadous and professional qualifications of the
traditional arts (CQPAT) in Sefrou (1 MDH).

In these structures add additional training workshops built training center at Tghat district (2.5
MDH), training of stakeholders (4.5 MDH) in addition to information and awareness on the provisions
related training (0.55 MDH).

For designers of these projects, the richness of the crafts in the region is primarily based on the
expertise of artisans, their finesse and their capacity for innovation and perpetuates the crafts and

If the medina of Fez was listed by UNESCO in 1981 on the World Heritage List, they say, the credit
goes primarily to builders artisans, artists and designers who built this city and have with its Many
monuments and architectural works of stunning beauty that can be admired in the mosques,
traditional houses and various monuments that abound in the spiritual capital of the kingdom.

The creation of these centers of training and qualification also has reinforced the position of Fès-
Boulemane region as a center for training, research and innovation, with skilled human resources
and making available adequate production costs and attractive ....


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