Music instruments

Its name comes from the Arabic al - Oud meaning “wood” The Oud is a musical instrument plucked widespread in Arab countries. In Maghreb are distinguished Oud of Middle East, sharki Oud, and “Oud with four choirs of Arab-Andalusian music that appeal "Oud Rammal” in Morocco, in Tunisia Arabian Oud, and Kuitra in Algérie. Oud consists four major parts:
A- Soundboard: of softwood (spruce today most often used, or cedar in the Middle East and Morocco), traditionally unglazed. The table is supported by a dam of the same wood. It is pierced with large vents (1 or 3), often decorated with rosettes reported, wood or bone.
B- Resonance: hard wood (walnut, mahogany, maple, beech are in common use), it is pear-shaped and consists of a dozen or more ribs, forming the largest sounding all lutes.
C- Channel: usually done in one of the wooden sound box, the handle does not shrink and is very short, such that the violin.
D- A wooden easel is stuck, and a reinforcement point game

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